Autodesk Within Optimizes 3D Design Solutions
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Autodesk Within Optimizes 3D Design Solutions

By CIOReview | Friday, July 24, 2015

FREMONT, CA:  Autodesk, a provider of 3D design software and technology, releases a new set of generative design solutions called Autodesk Within to help designers and engineers create and 3D print lightweight designs for the automotive, aerospace, industrial equipment and medical implant industries. Generative design is a design method generated by a set of rules using a computer program.

Using Autodesk Within software, users will be able to add various input parameters including weight, stress and displacement. Based upon such inputs, it will generate a series of variable-density lattice structures and surface skins that will suit the specifications set by the developers. The resulting designs will both be optimized for performance and weight and can be as stiff or as flexible as needed for the intended application.

Autodesk Within centers around infinite computing power to find optimized design solutions based on parameters that are set by a designer. The generative design process helps to reduce cost and materials involved in the creation of 3D designs, reports Simon Martin for Solidsmack.

“In industries such as automotive and aerospace, it’s critically important to continue innovating in how parts are designed and manufactured. Generative design, advances in material science, and new fabrication techniques are allowing engineers to deliver components that were never before possible. Autodesk Within enables designers to create high-performing parts while enforcing design rules and adhering to additive manufacturing constraints,” said Mark Davis, senior director of design research, Autodesk.