Updated Autodesk Fusion 360 Now Available for Download
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Updated Autodesk Fusion 360 Now Available for Download

By CIOReview | Wednesday, August 5, 2015

FREMONT, CA:  Today’s world has advanced from 2D to 3D, whereby software companies are given a chance to create software to make 3D designs. Fusion 360 is one such product by Autodesk that has a 3D modeling package with an integrated, parametric and feature based CAD (Computer Aided Design) put into a software. The intended users of this product are engineers, industrial designers and students or casual users. The July update for Fusion 360 focuses on fabrication workflows and  is now available for download.. Fusion 360 is a cloud based software and enables teams to work together using centralized data management, reports Te Edwards, 3DPrint.com.

“Close on the heels of our June upgrade, the latest update demonstrates how quickly we’re innovating in the cloud-based CAD space. Notably, we’ve improved collaboration and added a new ‘Make’ pane in the toolbar, which provides access to new fabrication tools, including a new integration with Protolabs’ quoting service,” says Claire Collins, the PR Manager for Fusion 360.

This latest update includes the ability to create toolpaths for programming singe turret lathes, support for ISO standard turning tools, new turning setup with support for changing turning setting, new turning toolpath types, the ability to preview turning toolpaths in web and mobile clients, turning simulations and post support. In addition to that a new “Make” pane in the toolbar is added to provide rapid access to fabrication tools. Other improvements include team collaboration features like notifications which appear when design uploads have completed and automatic notification on data upload to projects. There have been many improvements in the data panel as well. Moreover it is free of charge for non-profit organizations.